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Dr. Wendy Fraser is a highly-acclaimed leadership and team development consultant who has educated and inspired thousands of individuals to understand one another and work together better. With more than 25 years of experience as a consultant, keynote speaker, and facilitator, and having earned a Doctorate and three Master’s degrees, she has dedicated her professional life to understanding how people work best in groups. Wendy is the author of Trust Repair: It Is Possible – Proven Strategies to Help Groups Get Unstuck and is widely considered one of the foremost authorities on trust repair for teams in the workplace. She has mastered the art of making human dynamics and organization development about both the people and the process. Wendy is a recipient of the State of Washington Governor’s Sustaining Managers Award and Circle K International’s Humanitarian Award. She teaches and certifies new Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and she has a passion for operational efficiency. Wendy has worked with public, private, education and nonprofit clients across the United States, Canada, Caribbean Islands and China. With groups from 5 to 5,000, Wendy radiates optimism, fosters hope, and serves as a powerful agent of change.


Wendy's Interest in Trust Repair...In Her Own Words

I have always been interested in how people interact and I care very deeply about helping people get the results they want. As a consultant, when I worked with clients with trust issues, I believed I was giving them the support and tools to work through their most difficult sticking points. In essence, I was giving them "Wendy's best stuff"...and, for some groups it worked and for others, they were not able to repair trust. So, I got curious. What enables some groups to repair trust while others, who seemingly tried just as hard, just could not repair trust? This became the focus of my doctoral study where I researched why some groups were able to repair trust and evaluated it against those who could not. My research produced some new insights and this became my trust repair model. I am happy to share these insights with the world, coupled with tools, and my years of practice working with groups and organizations.