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Praise for "Trust Repair: It IS Possible!"

Group Praise

Repairing trust in groups is a field many talk about, but few can provide substantive strategies on how to do it. Dr. Wendy Fraser has created a sound model, supported by research and practice, and provides practical tools to use immediately with groups. This book will quickly become an essential handbook for leaders and practitioners.

-Dr. Solomon Uwadaile, President, Trafton-International Consulting Group, LLC

Trust Repair resonated deeply with both personal trust relationships and my career as a Special Forces Green Beret, where internal team dynamics are vastly complex making it highly valuable to use this model to repair, maintain, and prevent loss of trust for peak efficiency in life and death situations. The most prolific moment for me, was experiencing goosebumps as I realized, from the power of the Trust Repair Model, the depth of understanding gained about myself, group dynamics, and the felt sense of restored hope.”

-Matthew Savolskis SFC (ret), MBA, LSSBB

“Wendy’s research becomes visual and actionable in this book. I’ve used the materials with teams at all levels of my organization with measurable and meaningful success.”

-Amy Besel, Organization Development Administrator, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

“Readers will be drawn to Dr. Fraser’s Trust Repair through her relatable stories and simply-stated text. Her extensive research and experience shine through in an understandable process for repairing trust not only in the workplace, but also in personal relationships. Teams will find the many tools and exercises pragmatic for working through their trust issues.”

-Mary Beth Colón, Senior Business Systems Analyst (ret.), Bank of New York Mellon

Trust Repair is a must read! This small gem provides an easy to follow step-by-step process. It should be required reading in development programs for supervisors, managers, and leaders. Well written, insightful, and practical, this book provides useful tools to save and re-strengthen relationships that matter.”

-Rafael Colón, President, Voices Internacional

“Team trust is crucial and essential to get the job done at every level of group dynamics–from high school student group problem solving, to warfighter interaction in a flight of fighter aircraft. Without trust and teamwork, everything falls apart. When trust fails, how do you get it back? Read Trust Repair to get your team back on track and working to accomplish the mission.”

-Dave Gibson, Northwest Youth Leadership Conference Director and Air Force Pilot, CINC MOWW, Col, USAF (Ret)

“Wendy has the ability to put the right questions in front of a team dynamic, that allows people to objectively respond and step out of personal views, step back and look at another point of view.  Wendy’s excellent facilitation helps to defuse group dynamics with skillfully guiding the discussion out of personal dynamic thus allowing for team members to open their own perspective to potentially see a bigger more inclusive perspective. Wendy has a very gentle, kind demeanor that helps to defuse a group dynamic that maybe overhyped with emotion. Excellent facilitator!”

-Lynn Neeley, retired manager, Intel

“Wendy Fraser is the most endearing, engaging coach/mentor I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. At each workshop or training, I’ve felt I could enthusiastically apply the beautifully designed and thoughtful material, that is invaluable to help teams grow and thrive.”

-Chastity Walck, Organizational Change Manager, Liberum, LLC

Individual Praise

“In both personal and professional applications, Dr. Wendy Fraser’s Trust Repair methodology and tools are easily digestible for positive outcomes. Whether an individual is an executive, board member, teammate, supervisor or spouse it is crucial to master a solid foundational trust level in all these varied relationships. However, we are all human and at some point, repair will have to be done – usually, many times along the way in a long-term relationship. When this type of reset needs to happen, Trust Repair, is your step by step principle resource.”

—Daya V. Fields, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Alaffia

Not just for work groups, Wendy’s book will help you restore trust in any type of relationship!”

-Julie Forth, Director, Away With Words Book Club

“As a young mother entering the working world I wish I, and the people I worked with, would have read this book! So much of my limited time and energy was spent navigating the politics of the workplace and trying to keep my head in difficult changing situations. I knew being a working mother would be hard, but if I had the information in this book, it would have been much easier for me. All managers should read this book.”

-Molly Drescher

“Wendy’s insights in Trust Repair helped me to understand how I had made peace with an abusive father and helped me to forge a functioning relationship with an unfaithful ex-wife for the benefit of our children. I have been lucky enough to train with Wendy personally, and her expertise in human systems is only surpassed by her passion for them. Trust Repair is sure to become a go-to reference for those looking to heal the deep wounds of broken promises.”

-Name withheld for privacy purposes

“This book spoke to my soul and gave me the traction that I needed to move forward with some very heavy decisions. Trust at the group level can be repaired and this book provides tangible tools to help executive management and supporting staff. This author not only “gets it” but shares her stories with cleverness and insight. My favorite tool is the “Ladder of Inference.” This book has helped me in my career, my volunteer associations, as well as my personal connections. Very empowering, a must read!”

-Penney Champney, Consultant

“Wendy has written an extraordinary book. She has managed to both perfectly describe, in its most basic terms, the reasons trust is broken as well as guide the reader in building that trust back up. She does both in a way that is easy to understand and follow. The most striking thing, for me, is that Wendy’s careful attention to words and phrases ensures the dignity of all those who participate in her Trust Repair model. Instead of placing blame, participants are encouraged to see circumstances from various viewpoints, to understand why a situation began to deteriorate and how to communicate so it doesn’t happen again. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for everyone who reads this book, and a skill that can be carried on in all aspects of life-from work relationships to spousal relationships and friendships. I have personally taken what I have learned from Wendy’s Trust Repair model and used it when working with parents and teens. It has made an enormous difference in what I understand, the information I gain, and how people view me and how they trust the communication I have with them…most especially when dealing with sensitive situations. It has made me a more effective leader, and a better advocate for my parents and teens. I believe this book should be on every manager’s desk.”

-Heidi Cope

“In this book, Wendy clearly explains what it takes to repair trust that has been broken between individuals at work. After helping us identify trust breakdown she details methods and exercises to follow which can lead to repair. This is relevant not just to those in all kinds of work environments but to all of us in family and personal relationships also. Thank you, Wendy for giving us an understanding of how our assumptions can be detrimental to relationships of all kinds, and how to work towards fixing the trust element in any relationship.”

-Louise Doran, Managing Director, Creative Theatre Experience

“Wendy’s engaging and inclusive style are evident in her writing.”

-Debbie Rough-Mack, Rough-Mack Consulting, LLC

“A wonderful, warm, compassionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring contribution to the literature.”

-Megan Davis, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Practitioner

“In my opinion, personal relationships are a common part of our daily lives in its many different levels, yet they can be very complex. Trust Repair showed me inspiring perspectives on how to address issues around trust. One of the strategies I appreciated was the skill to self-reflect to help me realize how much or how little a ‘broken’ relationship weighs in my life. This awareness would help me get unstuck. A follow-up strategy was the approach to take. If I decided to move forward, I would be willing to initiate a sincere dialogue where I would reveal myself as a vulnerable human being who wants to understand and is ready to compromise.”

-Maribel Vilchez, Elementary School Teacher

Organizational Praise

“Wendy brings a huge heart to every engagement. Coupled with her structured approach, this makes her a powerful agent for change.”

-Mary Campbell, Consultant

“Wendy’s research provides hope of becoming a better person, partner, group, and company. Building strong relationships is the heart of every winning team.”

-Rogelio P. Cortes, Jr., Engineering & Facilities Operations Manager, Target Distribution Center

“Dr. Fraser is an extraordinary practitioner and consultant and I’m delighted she is broadly sharing her research, experience, and successes through the publication of Trust Repair. Whether you are an executive, a facilitator, or a member of a team, Trust Repair provides a plethora of practical tools, tips, and advice to help repair trust or to keep teams operating with a high level of trust and integrity in the first place. Dr. Fraser’s original research shines new light on this important topic and reinforces principles we know to be true but often forget to apply.”

-Will Rice, former Director, Washington State Department of Revenue, and Director, Fast Enterprises LLC

“I’ve worked with Wendy nearly twenty years on an array of organizational performance initiatives. As a colleague, consultant, teacher, and friend, she has a style that draws out leaders to confront the most difficult problems facing organizations. Repairing trust gets to an issue that few leaders admit to as an organizational issue. Let her wisdom and models serve as an important guide to strengthening trust.”

-Edmon Lee, Policy and Performance Manager, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

“Dr. Wendy Fraser is a lead instructor in the Lean Six Sigma and Certified Public Manager programs at the University of Washington Tacoma Professional Development Center. A skilled speaker and teacher, she has been incorporating building trust into her classes at UW, state and local conferences, and in her private consulting work. She emphasizes that trust is a critical element to build well-functioning teams at all levels. This book outlines strategies for identifying issues that get in the way and tools for repairing trust within groups. These concepts will help new supervisors lead better, support leaders moving forward when their groups have trust and performance issues, and will be a resource to line staff who lead team projects within the organization.”

-Kathleen L. Beaumont, Program Development Manager, University of Washington-Tacoma Professional Development Center

“Wendy’s research and theories on trust bring much needed focus to the importance of self-reflection and accountability in repairing trust. Thank you for sharing this work with us!”

-Nicole Morales, Lean Manager, Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission

“Outstanding book! Must read!”

-Dr. Matondo Wawa, CEO, Purpose Investment Group, LLC

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